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Choose from a beautiful selection of accessories created by specialist Italian craftsmen/artisans, from the fashion sector. 
We also have our own production of scarves, bags and shirts created in our workshop using upholstery, velvet, silk and linen, mixing materials, colours and embroidered designs. 



Leather Wallets 








Trolley Suitcases 


Socks in 100% soft and worm cotton

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Raw Silk Scarves  

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Handmade Linen Scarves 

Silk and Wool Scarves 

Scarf made in Italy, on one side 100% silk and on the other side 100% wool with the same design.
A particular accessory that distinguishes itself and is recognizable for its quality and exclusivity.
We deliver the highest quality standards, following the strict requirements of many certifications. Our products are eco-friendly.

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Silk/wool scarfs 160x32 cm
Silk/wool scarfs dots 160x32 cm
Silk/wool scarfs 170x42 cm
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Leather wallet 

Tablet and Phone Covers  

Trolley Suitcase  

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